Professional Service Fees:*

  • Initial 15 minute introductory phone consultation: Free
  • Christian Science treatment: $37 for each day, includes a brief daily call or email**
  • Night-time  emergency (11PM-7AM Eastern): Usual daily rate plus $15
  • Holiday Christian Science treatment or general prayer: Usual daily rate plus $15
  • Phone consultation: $27 for each half-hour increment
  • In person office visits: $78 per hour – by appointment only
  • House calls in central MA or southern NH: $80 per hour plus travel expenses
  • To compensate my time if general daily prayer is requested: $16 per day

*Rates will be reduced for payments made by check, cash, or direct bank-to-bank transfer within 1 month from the invoice date.

** The daily rate for Christian Science Treatment will be reasonably reduced for extended cases or in cases where a cure has not been reached.


Many people say, “Ministers, priests and other religious leaders don’t charge when they pray for people. I think prayer should be free.”

As a professional Christian Science practitioner, I’m involved with both spiritual care and healthcare. I’m self-employed and paid directly by the individuals who request my services, just as a doctor or psychiatrist would be paid.  I am not employed or paid by a church.

A traditional religious leader’s salary is already being provided through tithing or contributions to their church, so there is no need for him/her to charge you for their prayer. Since no church financially supports me, in order for me to take care of my needs, I must charge for my healing services, again, just as would any self-employed person.

Also, one of the requirements of being a Christian Science Journal listed practitioner is that the practitioner may not be employed in any other vocation or profession. This, then, further necessitates that all Christian Science Journal listed practitioners are in the full-time healing practice and therefore must charge for their services.

It is also beneficial to the results of the  treatment for the value of the prayer to be acknowledged. Payment is a form of gratitude.  Giving gratitude for blessings prepares us for more blessings.   I am very grateful for your payment acknowledging the professional services that I render. If you have a special circumstance, I am willing to work with you to arrange a payment plan that will accommodate your financial situation.