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Below is a list of my published writings, as well as a Christian Science Sentinel Radio show and an ad for Christian Science practitioners that I was featured in. All of these may be found on, but my favorite 5 articles, as well as 1 poem and 1 Sentinel Radio Show have direct links below.

For God is All-in-all December 2023 The Christian Science Journal

Symbols or Science? Oct 9, 2023 Christian Science Sentinel

• When God meets human need  Aug 27, 2018 Christian Science Sentinel

No more ‘here we go again’ moments  May 7, 2018 Christian Science Sentinel

“The fruit of the Spirit…”  Oct 30, 2017 Christian Science Sentinel

• ‘Love, redolent with unselfishness …’ Nov 28, 2016 Christian Science Sentinel

• Christian Science is the most effective healer May 23, 2016 Christian Science Sentinel

• A poem A Reader’s Silent Prayer Oct 19, 2015 Christian Science Sentinel

Turkey Tracks and Seeking God  Dec 30, 2013 Christian Science Sentinel. This article is also in the Christian Science Monitor for January 21, 2014 at this link: Turkey Tracks and Seeking God

• Idea or thought?   Aug 7, 2013 The Christian Science Journal Online

Beyond the surface Aug 5, 2013 Christian Science Sentinel

• Breathing heavenly air  April 15, 2013 Christian Science Sentinel

• Commemoration versus Recognition Christian Science Sentinel Blog June 21, 2012

Praying about the “small” stuff 2011 Online Christian Science  Sentinel

• 3rd speaker on Sentinel Radio show #1122 Sports and Spiritual Growth May 2011

“Where Sport and Prayer Play Together” May 30, 2011 Christian Science Sentinel

Praying to address allergies – Spirituality Question of the Day  May 9, 2011 Christian Science Sentinel

“A busy mom’s spiritual to-do list” 2011 Online Christian Science Sentinel

How Can Spiritual Supply Meet a Human Need  Feb 1, 2010 Christian Science Sentinel

“Standing For the Truth” September 21, 2009 Christian Science Sentinel

“Free from the Effects of a Fall” April 28, 2008 Christian Science Sentinel

Christian Science Practitioner Ads 2007

“Spiritual Angels brought Healing of Headache” February 20, 2006 Christian Science Sentinel