Head cold and financial stress relieved

Christian Science Practitioner

There was a time in my life when I was sick with a miserable cold and stressed out by a fear of insufficiency of financial supply.  I began to pray about this, with the line of the Lord’s Prayer, “give us this day our daily bread”.    I knew that my daily need was being met, but would it continue?  I was approaching the situation from a perspective of spiritual supply meeting a material need and it wasn’t connecting.  How could a spiritual supply meet a human need?  I didn’t feel comforted; I wasn’t finding healing from the worry or the head cold by just the blind assurance that God was supplying my daily bread. I needed to understand God’s method of care better.

As I continued to pray and study, I realized from reading Matt 6:31-34 that I needed to seek “the kingdom of God and his righteousness” first instead of worrying about finances or healing the cold.  As I prayed to understand my “daily bread” (daily need) in the context of the kingdom of God, I realized that what I really needed was a better sense of grace, patience, meekness, and love.  I needed to not be weary of doing good, and, as the child of God, I needed to demonstrate more of the childlike qualities of joy, spontaneity, and trust.  I also knew I needed to have a better sense of Christ as the bread from heaven.

Looking at my new list of needs, I saw that they were really spiritual; I needed to know and express God more fully.   Also, since God is infinite and eternal; I saw that my need was infinite and eternal.  The warmth of Love that came with this new understanding melted away the stress and brought healing to all the uncomfortable symptoms of the cold that same day.  In realizing that my need was infinite, I saw that my supply, because of God’s ever-presence, was sufficient to meet it.  Now I see many ways in which I can better express grace, patience, meekness, love, joy, spontaneity, and trust more fully to others and they in turn bless me.  This ongoing process of growth has met all of my spiritual and human needs.