Injured hand healed

A few years ago, I was going on a plane trip to visit family in another state and the pull-out handle to the carry-on bag that I had was stuck.  As I was waiting in the boarding area, I put both of my feet on the carry-on bag, grabbed its handle with one hand, and pulled as hard as I could.  As I pulled, something inside my hand associated with my ring finger. It felt like something in my hand snapped like a rubber band and my arm hurt intensely all the way from my finger to midway up my forearm.

As I turned to God, I asked what I needed to pray about.  It came to me quite clearly to pray about unity; unity in family, unity in church, unity in humanity.  I prayed to express more love, to feel more harmony, and to better understand everyone as part of God’s family, as God’s dearly beloved children, brothers and sisters under the divine Father-Mother’s care.

By the time I arrived at my destination the pain had subsided.  The next morning, I could move my hand and fingers just fine without pain. The healing was complete and my hand has remained well without any further difficulty.