Neck injury healed

Christian Science Practitioner

One day at gymnastics practice in high school my coach sent me to practice vaulting.   I didn’t want to do it, but I did anyway.  However, because I was angry I went stomping down the runway and slammed the spring board to initiate my vault.  I hit the springboard so hard, and my timing was so off because I wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing, that I flew over the vaulting horse upside down without even being able to reach it to push off and upright myself for landing.  I landed hard on my head and neck on the mat on the other side of the vaulting horse.  When I got up I was dizzy and my neck hurt.

Of course, my coach was very concerned.  She saw what had happened, but I told her I would be fine so she just asked me to sit and rest for a while.  I noticed as I sat and rested that when I raised my left arm my fingers tingled and I was afraid that I had seriously hurt my neck.

As I sat there I realized that I had been injured because of my own willfulness and anger.  I began to pray, “Father-Mother God, Thy will be done.”  I knew that the perfect creator would never create a child who was willful or angry and I wanted to represent my perfect inner child that God had spiritually created. I wanted to express my Godlike qualities better.

When I went home that night I told my mom what had happened and we both prayed about it.  My family had many healings through prayer over the years and Momma and I were confident that this would be healed quickly through prayer too.

When I awoke in the morning my neck still hurt, but as I continued to pray I realized that I needed to be more obedient and kind.  When I went to school that morning I sincerely apologized to my coach for acting so nasty.

By the time we had practice that afternoon, I could move freely and painlessly without tingling or fear.  I was so grateful for this quick healing and the genuine humbleness I felt.