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Anytime someone uses an analogy involving physical things to describe a spiritual concept it’s not entirely precise since spiritual things are infinite and the physical world and language are limited. However, analogies can sometimes be very helpful because they point thought in the right direction.

In my Blog are some analogies from my personal experience that have helped me to better understand some spiritual concept. I hope they will help you too!

Please enjoy them and feel free to email me any comments, suggestions, or insights of your own to SueHolzberleinCS@TheOpenFount.com.

When God Meets Human Need

This article has been published as When God meets human need  Aug 27, 2018 Christian Science Sentinel. Please click the link above to read it on…

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Where does that absolute assurance come from?

One very chilly morning last winter I was out walking and praying, and I had just come out of the woods when a lady drove…

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No more “here we go again” moments

This article has been published as No more ‘here we go again’ moments in the May 7, 2018 Christian Science Sentinel. Please click the link above…

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Transcendence Demonstrated at Crystal Lake Camps

The link below is a pointer to a short blog post I wrote for the Crystal Lake Camps website.  Crystal Lake Camps is a camp for Christian…

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What am I going to believe?

I was out for a brisk morning walk enjoying the crisp winter air.  The route I was taking went by a house where three dogs…

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Skin Blemish Healed

The original content of this post has now been published as an article in the May 23, 2016 Christian Science Sentinel column “Turning Points In Spiritual…

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Protection during microburst

We had very strong winds here in Massachusetts earlier this week and I was awakened suddenly in the very, very early hours of the morning…

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Ten points about divine Principle

I’m often asked about Principle as a synonym for God and recently I have been praying to better understand God as Principle. Principle is a…

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A Reader’s Silent Prayer

This poem has been published as A Reader’s Silent Prayer in the Oct 19, 2015 Christian Science Sentinel. Please click the link above to read it on…

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