Invariable good!

christian science practitioner

I have been thinking today of the invariable good of God’s children.  We are held PERFECT, “His likeness still”*, just as He created us.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERACan you imagine there being a principle of mathematics if numbers varied in value from day to day? If, for example, we would wake up in the morning and have to figure out if 3 meant 3.1 or 3 or 8 today.  It would be utter chaos!   – there would be no principle of mathematics at all, but just sheer havoc (Imagine the stock markets trying to operate in that situation!) How could one ever express an equation if the value of numbers varied?

But there is a principle that governs numbers and we don’t need to enforce it; It just simply IS.  Each number is absolutely invariable every day through all eternity!  The concept of three (whether it’s written 3, III, …, or gamma (γʹ) or in some other way) always has the value of three.

And so it is with man, God’s man that is.  God’s man is the spiritual man who is our true entity.  God made man perfect –  operating within the laws of His divine Principle and modeled after His likeness.  Man is invariably perfect, healthy, whole, astute, insightful, painless and spiritual.  We don’t need to make it true; we don’t need to enforce divine Principle.  It simply IS true.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHuman man (not mortal man)  is a representation of spiritual man right here and right now – sort of  like the written numeral 3 is the representation of the intangible concept, three.  Human man is the expression of our current understanding of spiritual man.  Human man is the spiritual qualities that we embody on a daily basis, like kindness,  love, joy, dominion, strength, and such.

To improve the condition of our current situation, we  must trust that there is a governing divine Principle and understand It sufficiently to ensure there is no error in our unique and tangible human expression of that Principle.  We need to live, as best we can, in accord with Principle, which is another name for God or the Ultimate Good.

I have found that daily study of the Bible and “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy helps me to know and understand the divine Principle, God,  better and therefore helps me to be a more accurate expression of His/Her painless, whole, invariably good being.

We all have a long way to go before we will express spiritual man fully,  but by following the example Christ Jesus gave us, in healing sickness, eliminating sin, and understanding  the principles of eternal Life, we grow in health, peace and purity.  This growth  is progress that allows each of us to best express our individual invariable goodness as God’s child, our true nature.


*Poems 79:20 by Mary Baker Eddy