Protection during microburst

We had very strong winds here in Massachusetts earlier this week and I was awakened suddenly in the very, very early hours of the morning on Tuesday by what sounded like a train.  I had heard a noise like this before back in the early 1980s when I lived in Minnesota.  At that time the sound was caused by a tornado that passed by a few miles from my apartment.  I knew I had to pray immediately.

Having just awakened and feeling a sense of danger I said aloud, “God, I know you are here!  Please keep me and my neighbors safe”.  Then there was what sounded like a huge explosion and my whole house shook.  This was followed by just the sound of a strong, but not dangerous, wind blowing.  I felt a sense of calm, an utter confidence that all was well and I immediately went back to sleep.

In the morning when I went outside, there was a huge pine tree that had broken off about 15 feet above the ground.  The part that broke off was about 16 inches in diameter and about 35-40 feet long.  This huge section of tree had fallen across my front yard, but it did not hit the house, the power lines, the mailbox or the driveway.  Despite the fact that it had been well within reach of all those things, it had fallen harmlessly between some other trees only knocking down one 5” in diameter tree that was perfect for cutting into log lengths to be burned in the woodstove next year.

Later that day I saw a policeman in the neighborhood who told me that there had been some wind events called bursts (I later found out that they are sometimes called microbursts) in town the night before and that’s what must have caused this tree to break and fall.  Another person who saw the tree down in my yard said, “Wow!  That couldn’t have fallen one inch better in any direction.  I can’t believe it didn’t do any damage.”

I feel so blessed to be a witness of God’s divine protection! To me this is an example of the Christ in action and the power of prayer!

PS. So grateful to my neighbor for helping cut up and move the tree so he and his wife can burn it in their fire pit! God is so good to provide those in our lives who can best meet our needs.