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Article by Miss. Robbins

 When I was a child my mother sent me…


A few articles by Miss. Robbins Primary Class Teacher,  Grace Banks Sammons

Scriptural Authority

Practice and Practitioner

Respecting Confidential Communications


A few articles by Miss. Robbins Normal Class Teacher,    Neil Bowles

The Manual: Staff and Rod

Our Duty to Pray Daily

Attracting the Public to the Church

The Method and Power of Enlightened Prayer

Understanding Prayer

The Christian Science Practitioner

Goodness Demonstrates Truth


Bible Study tools is a site with 20+ parallel Bible translations as well as links to the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek with word by word English translations from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, and there’s also Bible Commentary from various sources compiled together there.


Jane O. Robbins’ lectures

How to find and purchase Jane O. Robbins’ lectures that were given at The Mother Church and printed in the Christian Science Monitor:

  1. Email and request Miss Robbins’ lectures from the Christian Science Monitors of Jan 23, 1968 and April 9, 1973
  2. Or call the Research and Reference Services department of the Mary Baker Eddy Library at 617-450-7218.
  3. Or go directly to the website: Christian Science Monitor Historic Archive Search
    and enter “Jane O. Robbins” in the search criteria. The first two items that come up are her lectures.


The Monitor

The February 1, 2017 Forbes Magazine in an article entitled 10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts by Paul Glader, a Forbes Contributor, listed The Christian Science Monitor as 3rd Runner Up.


Christian Science Journal November 1899 article

The Decalogue and Sermon on the Mount” by Editor (Septimus J. Hanna – per WKMBE V2  p.240)


Prayer and Treatment

Some types of prayer:

  • Petition; asking God (SH 1:10; SH 2:11-16, Matt 21:22)
  • Listening for God’s message (SH 14:12-18, 31-6; SH 15:9)
  • Faith; trusting in or expecting good (SH 1:1-4; SH 319:7; SH 426:5-9; Mark 11:24)
  • Enlightenment with reformation (SH 5:3-6; SH 6:14; SH 8:14-18; SH 281:30-1; SH 557:10-16)
  • Gratitude (SH 3:17-2; Matt 15:36; John 11:41-43; Hymn 3)
  • Persistence in truth (SH 417:14-16; SH 496:15, Peo 9:22-26, Luke 11:5-10 )
  • Growth in grace (SH 10:5-6; SH 368:22-24; ’02 4:7)
  • Love (SH 9:5, 17; SH 206:10; No 39:17-24; Rud 17:15)
  • Taking a stand for good (SH 96:26-30; SH 393:16-18; SH 392:24; SH 412:23)

Some methods of treatment:

  • Personal treatment (directly addressing the patient’s thought)
    (Mis 220:4; SH 377:1; SH 411:27-4; SH 417:27-4; SH 453:24-28; SH 396:5)
  • Impersonal (defending the patient’s thought from world thought)
    (SH 417:10; SH 412:4,18; SH 418:5-25; SH 447:27)
  • Realization
    (SH 454:29; SH 365: 15-19; Rud 9:21; WKMBE Vol.1 P. 216 by Frank Gale)
  • Argument/counter-fact/Defense against a.m.
    (SH 234:31; SH 442:30; SH 15:14-18; SH 411:4-10; SH 412:18-24; SH 233:28-30; SH 391:29-32)

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