Arthur P Wuth Association 2019

January 2019 Assignment:

  • Read Mrs. Eddy’s article “One Cause and Effect” Miscellaneous Writings pp. 21-30
  • Study Science and Health Chapter 9 Creation
  • Study Science and Health 501:1 – 520:15 (part of chapter 15 Genesis)
  • Read the following 3 articles by Mr. Wuth.  You can find each one on JSH-Online even if you are not a subscriber by typing the link given in parenthesis beside each article into the web browser on your home, library, or Reading Room computer.
  • For extra credit you may want to read The Gospel of Luke or The Acts of the Apostles in The Holy Bible.  Luke brings out the universality, the all-inclusiveness, of Christianity. It explains that everyone is worthy of healing and salvation, — no one is left out through all time and space.  Acts is a wonderful action/adventure story, which tells how Christianity was spread throughout Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome, — primarily by Peter and Paul, after their transformations from being called Simon and Saul.

Online Christian Science Resources

SERVICES: Here is the link to the Sunday Service at The Mother Church:  It is live at 10:00am Eastern Sunday morning and replayed from about noon Eastern on Sunday through the rest of the week.

TESTIMONY MEETINGS: Here is the link to the Wednesday testimony meetings at The Mother Church: You can listen to it live every Wednesday from 2-3PM Eastern, but it is also recorded and made available at this same web link from 3:30PM Eastern Wednesday afternoons until 8AM Eastern Friday mornings.

LECTURES: Here is a link to some online Christian Science Lectures :

MORE LECTURES: You can also find Christian Science lectures on YouTube:

CONCORDANCE: You can reach the official online Concordance, on At the very bottom of the page (just before the footer where it says “CONCORD”) you will see a search bar for the online Concordance.

Reading aloud workshop, including Mr. Wuth’s instruction on reading aloud from 01 “Introduction to reading aloud” and 02 “Introduction to reading aloud part 2”:

CS Monitor article on the word sad.

Subscribers to The Christian Science Monitor can read the article in the Monitor archives at the link shown here:

Regarding the Christian Science Monitor

The February 1, 2017 Forbes Magazine in an article entitled 10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts by Paul Glader, a Forbes Contributor, listed The Christian Science Monitor as 3rd Runner Up.

Links to Mr. Wuth’s quoted lecture

Here is the link to Mr. Wuth’s lecture entitled: Christianity: Its Primitive and Ultimate Mission:

Here is the link to Mr. Wuth’s lecture entitled: Christian Science: The Power of Spiritual Right Thinking:


Referenced Articles

Turkey Tracks and Seeking God by Sue Holzberlein December 30, 2013 Christian Science Sentinel:

“Words of Current Interest” June 11, 1960 Christian Science Sentinel:

This is where the info. on the Hebrew for “image” and “likeness” is found:
Bible Lens—February 29–March 6, 2016
February 29, 2016 Christian Science Sentinel:

Articles about Mrs. Eddy’s Hymns from the Christian Science Journal

Mary Baker Eddy’s hymns Jeanne Steely Laitner
From the December 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Blessings from Mary Baker Eddy’s hymns by Nathan Mozzer
From the February 2019 issue of The Christian Science Journal


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