Spiritual Concepts and Physical Analogies

Anytime an analogy involving physical things is used to describe a spiritual concept it’s not entirely precise since spiritual things are infinite and the physical world and language are limited. However, here are some insights/analogies that have helped me better understand some spiritual concepts and find healing. I hope they will help you too! Please […]

What am I going to believe?

I was out for a brisk morning walk enjoying the crisp winter air.  The route I was taking went by a house where three dogs live.  The dogs have a fenced-in yard, but the yard is also surrounded by signs that say “Beware of Dogs”.  When I walked by this house in the past, if […]

Skin Blemish Healed

The original content of this post has now been published as an article in the May 23, 2016 Christian Science Sentinel column “Turning Points In Spiritual Growth” and can be found at the link in this post. The article is entitled: Christian Science is the most effective healer.      

Protection during microburst

We had very strong winds here in Massachusetts earlier this week and I was awakened suddenly in the very, very early hours of the morning on Tuesday by what sounded like a train.  I had heard a noise like this before back in the early 1980s when I lived in Minnesota.  At that time the […]

Ten points about divine Principle

I’m often asked about Principle as a synonym for God and recently I have been praying to better understand God as Principle. Principle is a name for God; it is divine Law. It ensures its own operation and governs Love’s spiritual creation.  Man, embodied by divine Principle, is reliable and dependable in every aspect, is […]

The importance and value of church attendance and membership

The Churches of Christ, Scientist are the face of Christian Science to the world. They are a place where the public can see the health, strength and joy of the Christian Science community, and feel the welcoming warmth of the Christ in the Christian Science readings, hymns, and fellowship of our churches. Church is a place where […]

Christian Science Practitioner

Regrets and worry or lessons and gratitude?

In the eternal now of God’s loving care, are hindsight and foresight useful or is there a more productive way to look at the present? It is fun think back on the good times of our lives and it’s also uplifting to be grateful for healings we’ve had, but it’s certainly not helpful ruminate over […]

Christian Science Practitioner

Childlikeness or childishness?

I have been praying a lot in the past few days for the world’s children – to know they are in God’s loving care, safe, nurtured and appreciated.  I was thinking about how much Christ Jesus loved children, as is mentioned in Matt 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come […]