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Invariable good!

I have been thinking today of the invariable good of God’s children.  We are held PERFECT, “His likeness still”*, just as He created us. Can you imagine there being a principle of mathematics if numbers varied in value from day to day? If, for example, we would wake up in the morning and have to […]

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What terrain is your shadow falling on?

In Prov 23:7, the Bible tells us, “As a man thinketh so is he.”  To me this signifies that to a great extent the terrain of our thought determines the condition of our body.   To the degree that our thought is spiritual we embody spirituality or spiritual man.  Spiritual man is an enduring manifestation […]

Spiritual Concepts and Physical Analogies

Anytime an analogy involving physical things is used to describe a spiritual concept it’s not entirely precise since spiritual things are infinite and the physical world and language are limited. However, here are some insights/analogies that have helped me better understand some spiritual concepts and find healing. I hope they will help you too! Please […]

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Stomach flu healed while praying about the economy

“Get out of thinking about yourself and pray about the economy!”  This is the thought that came to me when I was struggling with a very disturbing upset stomach – a stomach flu – I supposed it would be called. I remembered from my college economics class that “the economy” is anything that deals with […]

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Night dreams vs. day dreams

One night, I dreamed that I had lost my favorite ring.  It was a special piece of jewelry to me because my dad had given it to me decades earlier and it had been in his family for nearly 100 years.  So in my dream I was praying and frantically looking for it.  Before I […]

Family harmony during the Thanksgiving holiday

A few years back when my family (from many parts of the United States) was gathering together at my house, I knew I should start the week with a firmly established sense of spiritual protection and harmony. So I began to study and pray along these lines to prepare (I was doing some pre-prayer).  Here […]

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Harmony with neighbors restored

One morning the neighbor’s chickens came into my yard (AGAIN!!!) and were digging up my garden.  I had just HAD IT!  I was angry, disappointed, sad, frustrated at myself for letting it get to me, and at my wits end about what to do about those chickens.  My thought was not clear or uplifted. I needed […]


To realize is to make real, just like to homogenize is to make homogeneous, to categorize is to make into categories, and to capitalize is to make capital. By realizing, or recognizing, what is good around us, we make goodness real in our experience here and now; we “real-ize” it. And we should realize God’s […]